Who am I Targetting

The target audience for the first graphic sequence is aimed at young people who menstruate and who may or may not have begun their menstrual cycle. According to kids’ health, the average age to start menstruating is between ten to fifteen – for this reason, I will be targeting the ages 10-15 within Northern America.

Why this works:

One of the first menstruation advertisements to break the “unreal advertisements” previously shown on media, was the Blood Normal advert which discovered that through “an online survey among 10,017 men and women and found that 74% of them want to see more realistic representation of periods in advertisements” (Bodyform). My audience needs to see the facts of real-life situations and not sugar-coated stigmas.

Why this is Relevant:

In Ontario, Doug Ford has made cuts to the sexual education content being shown in schools and reverting society back to an older method of teaching teens about their bodies – and that is, limiting information for them to understand themselves fully (Ferguson & Rushowy, 2019). Teens wishing to learn more about themselves should expect to gain the required information from this animation to better understand themselves and others.


Ferguson, R., & Rushowy, K. (2019). Ford government’s sex-ed changes blasted from all sides | The Star. Retrieved from… governments-sex-ed-changes-blasted-by-former-pc-leadership-candidate.html

“Showing Periods Should Be Normal: #Bloodnormal.” Live Fearless,

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